PCS offers education & counseling to assist those who have incurred a DUI arrest.  "ACCESS DUI SERVICES" is a division of PCS that is staffed with professional counselors & instructors who can help clients deal with issues relating to DUI arrests.

Services include:

* Outpatient Counseling  (Individual & group)

* Licensed Illinois Driver Risk Education classes

We can help you complete DUI countermeasures successfully.  You can put your life back on track and more importantly avoid future alcohol or drug related problems.  PCS staff are friendly, professional and able to help you complete the counseling & education requirements for DUI offenses in Illinois.

Evening and Saturday hours available.  PCS offers a private setting and appointments scheduled in advance to your convenience.

Maria Hollo, MA is the dedicated staff member in charge of our DUI services.  She is an experienced counselor who loves working with people who are seeking positive changes in their lives.  Maria is able to provide services in English and in Spanish.

Jessica Thornton, AAS is the Driver Risk Education Instructor. Jessica has many years of experience as a legal assistant and working with clients involved in court related matters. She truly enjoys teaching and participants love her engaging style and sense of humor.


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